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Дыхательная техника помогает беременным за мгновение убрать живот (вместе с ребенком) — видео

Единственное, чего нельзя избежать во время беременности – это большого живота. Конечно, каждая женщина и каждая беременность разные, поэтому сложно предугадать, когда начнет расти живот, и насколько он вырастет.

Но некая удивительная дыхательная техника позволяет убрать живот даже на последних сроках. Поначалу кажется, что это видеомонтаж, но на самом деле используется «диафрагматическое дыхание с задействованием глубокого кора».

Согласно авторам методики, такие упражнения помогают подкорректировать неправильное внутрибрюшное давление и уменьшить вероятность диастаза прямых мышц живота, пролапса и недержания после родов. Один вопрос: куда девается ребенок? – остается открытым, нужен рентген:)

Happy Spring Mamas! Our beautiful instructor Rachel tapping into her deep core on her stunning hike this afternoon! Do you connect to your changing core in both exercise & daily movements? Do you know what intra-abdominal pressure is and how to maintain appropriate pressure in your abdomen whether pregnant or not? Are you aware that incorrect intra-abdominal pressure throughout your pregnancy (or after) can increase your chances of having diastasis Recti, PF prolapse & incontinence? Simple re-patterning can shift all of this while providing better results through exercise & other movement modalities. The Bloom Method wants to help you with all of this… pregnancy doesn’t have to cause pain, it doesn’t have to be complicated, It doesn’t have to create a sense of disconnect within your body and it most certainly shouldn’t make you feel any other way than Empowered & Strong! Shifting unnecessary movement & breathing patterns will provide more joy & awareness in your body than you may have imagined! TBM Belly Pumps are a must for all mamas, while we teach a series of deep core engagement exercises these are super yummy and easy for any woman to incorporate into her pregnancy! Adding BP’s to your day may feel weird at first as most of us are chest breathers before we draw awareness to the imporantace of diaphragmatic breathing. Stick with it and be patient… your body came into this world breathing this way, it just has to remember 😜 We know you want to feel better during pregnancy (no pelvic or low back pain), decrease your chance of abdominal separation & PF prolapse or incontinence, become more aware of your deep core in ALL movements; not just your workout, build a stronger relationship with your PF outside of the dreaded kegel, & better understand how to use your deep core in the pushing phase of labor — making your pushing time drastically less, and heal quicker and safely pp! Give it a try and feel free to reach out if you need guidance- #fitpregnancy #fitbump #bellypump #thebloommethod #fitpregnancy #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyexercise #prenatalexercise #prenatalfitness #strongasamother

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